The Communications Ministry of Broadmoor Baptist is made up of three overlapping competencies.  

The first, and most visible, is the area of Media Arts. The staff and volunteers of the Media Team support everything you see and hear in all of our Worship Venues and beyond.  If it's on a screen (phone sized, computer sized, TV sized and Mega sized) or coming through speakers, this team has a hand in making it work and enhancing your Worship experience.  

Next is the Information Technology Group.  A combination of incredible Contractors and an IT Committee made up of BBC Members who are influential leaders in the local IT community make up this group.  They oversee all things related to the church database management system and the church network infrastructure, keeping all the Mac's and PC's playing nicely together 24/7. 

The third area is Marketing and Public Relations.  We know that the people who call Broadmoor Baptist their home church are the best advertisement.  The number one way people come to know about, and ultimately join Broadmoor Baptist is because they were invited by someone they know.  Our role in that is to provide content out in the community that help make connections easier during those conversations.   This group also designs our gathering spaces within the building.  The goal is to create environments that are conducive to conversation and connection. 

Allen Hendrix leads these groups as our Minister of Communications.  If you would like to be a part of any of these teams, please feel free to contact him by clicking here OR flag him down when you see him driving along Youree Drive in his 1974 Jeep CJ5.