Sometimes passports are the key to spreading the Word of God.  Our Global efforts include traveling to unreached people groups around the world.  We are not only committed to funding the International Mission Board's efforts, but we also send people to partner with embedded missionaries in the field. Some of those missionary partners are not shown below to protect the families who reside there.  Many of our B Groups are partnered with missionaries in far away places.  These connections are life changing for the missionaries, the people they are trying to reach, and those who are able to travel to witness first hand the work of the Holy Spirit in all the nations.  

If you would like more information regarding our Global Partners, please click on the links below or contact our Missions Ministry.  #everyoneonmission

  • Mexico

    Broadmoor has worked with the Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC) for over 40 years. The MITC is a seminary in Cordoba, Mexico that trains young men and women to be pastors, musicians and church leaders. Broadmoor supports this center with many trips throughout the year including medical mission trips, dental mission trips and construction trips. Please visit to learn about this ministry.

  • El Salvador

    Eric and Susan Resendez work in El Salvador to share the gospel in many ways. One of the ways Broadmoor supports this work is through the Christmas Shoebox Ministry. Each year we collect shoeboxes to be given to children in El Salvador at Christmas. A trip is taken each year to deliver the shoeboxes and support churches. Please visit to learn about this ministry opportunity.

  • southwest asia

    Broadmoor has partnered with two families serving in the Middle East among a group of people that are majority Muslim. We support this team by helping with a member retreat in the fall or spring.