We are glad you have decided to consider being our guest.

We want to make it easy for you and your family to find your way to and around Broadmoor Baptist. Click on the image below to open a map to our location.SEPT21_Updated_Schedule.pdf


It can be like the first day of school. Or maybe it's just out of your comfort zone.  Going to a new church can be stressful. But we want it to be exciting!

Broadmoor Baptist Church was founded in 1930.  For nearly a decade short of a century, the doors have been open to welcome people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages and preferences.  

One of the most interesting things you will find at Broadmoor Baptist is how deep the generations run.  There is no "target demographic." You will see people from newborns to 100. Our wide range of Worship Services provide environments that help people of all ages and backgrounds connect deeply with the Word of God through teaching and creative arts.

The main ingredient of our Small Group Ministry is what we call "B-Groups." B-Groups are designed to help you go deeper in the Word.  

To help make your first time less stressful, we'd like to let you in on some details about our church and it's campus.


Broadmoor has two main parking areas. 


The largest is located between Ockley Dr. and Atlantic Ave.  This large lot funnels people south to our Main Entrance, which has a covered drive and is also the entrance to our Preschool and Children's Wing.  We recommend that first time guests park in this lot and enter the building through our Main Entrance.


The second main parking lot is located on the corner of Youree Drive and Leo Ave. If you are coming to Broadmoor Baptist for a special event that is being held in Worship Center South, you probably want to park in the South Parking lot.


We are blessed to have an extremely safe and secure Preschool and Children's Ministry.  Each and every Staff member AND Volunteer has to pass a background check.  We also place a high value in training our teams to make sure you child is taken care of to the highest standards.  We even have a special Allergan free class in our Preschool area.