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11:00 AM on KTAL NBC-6  | The DOXA Service  |  One Week Delay

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Are you technically minded?  Back in the day, did you know how to set the clock on a VCR?  Do people always ask for your help with how to use their iPhone?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we'd like your help!  We are developing a new iOS app.  It's not available through the Apple App store though.  If you are willing to let know your thoughts about the functionality and design, click here from your mobile device then choose "Add to Home Screen" from the bottom of the Safari browser.  Test out the functions for a few weeks and let us know your thoughts by emailing media@broadmoor.tv.


There are times when an audio CD or a DVD video of a sermon is just the right thing to give a friend or loved one. Or maybe you want to keep a copy of that impactful message to listen to during you own Bible study. Then of course there may be a sermon you missed because of illness or travel. Although all of the sermons presented since 2008 are available online for download or viewing, we also offer those same sermons, and others, on CD and DVD (sorry, no cassettes or VHS tapes). Simply complete the form by clicking here.